NPK Power

What is NPK Power ?

NPK Power is a mixture of three types of bacterial fertilizers. One of them is a nitrogen fixing bacteria, either azotobactor or azospirillum or rhizobium, depending on the crop. Azotobacter is used for high land crops like vegetables, field crops, fruits, plantation crop. Azospirillum is used specially for paddy. It can also be used for upland crops also. Rhizobium is used for leguminous crops only like lentil, moong, pea, arhar, groundnut. The second is phosphate solubilizing bacteria which solubilize fixed phosphate in the soil. The third is potash mobilizing bacteria (fraturia aurantia). Application of 5 kg NPK Power in one acre of land will significantly reduce the quantity of chemical fertilizer use worth about 1600.00 and also improve soil fertility. More over NPK Power supplies hormones and enzymes which help in plant growth and reduce pest & disease attack. Dosage & application : 2 kg of NPK Power should be applied per bigha (33 dec.) along with any type of organic manure during land preparation.


What is NPK Power ?

  • NPK fertilizer provides all the essential nutrients required by plant – Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous(P) and Potassium (K).
  • The nutrients for vegetative growth in stems, roots particularly during the early stages, root growth, seed and flower formation, bud growth and ripening of fruits.
  • The fertilizer is 100% water-soluble which can be used in hydroponics also.

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